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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

No folks, I did not die or anything. I know I have not been Blogging for damn long. And, here's the reason.


Alright people. I have BIG news.


Not moving house moving. But, I'm moving my Blog.

I would NO longer be blogging here.

Come on man. I should totally stop acting like a Queen. I'm gonna go be a plain little girl.

Alright, it's a lie. Haha.

I kind of lose motivation for this Blog. There's so many memory here. Both good and bad. So many people I don't want to be reading them. Sheesh.

Anyway, thanks for reading my Blog till now.

Those interested in my new Blog can message me and ask me or something.

It's time to MOVE... On...

BeaR BeaR^ Was Here____` @* Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'm back to blogging again! (Resume Blogging after 3 days. Cause BBB's daddy hogging the computer to play his stupid DOTA. All of my photos are in the comp. No chance to transfer to laptop. And, I'm sick. -_-)

Simply cause I've got interesting things to blog about. Duh.

Anyway, I'm a good girl! I just mopped the floor!

Story goes like that; my mum went to my brother's place, to look after my niece and nephew. Their maid went back home and there's no one to look after them. In short, she's their free maid. Bah. -_-

Thus, poor me have to do a bit of chores to make my house fit for living in. *Laugh Out Loud*

I didn't get to rest since I came back from Malaysia can?!

Alright, that totally not true.


Went to Malaysia with BBB's daddy last Saturday. As I just got my new passport. Mine expired like super long ago. But, lazy me is too lazy to renew it. Since, I don't fancy going overseas much.

Nothing beats the safety at home. Duh.

Well, also due to the fact I have to help my mum renew her passport.

Since my parents will be going to Malaysia for the tomb sweeping thingy coming this weekend. Her passport haven't expire yet though. Due to the stupid rule that you can't go overseas if your passport is like 6 months due to expiring. Thus, I have to renew her passport for her.

In that case. I as well renew both of ours. Right?

The day I got my passport, BBB's daddy's like, very insistent. Saying I ought to have an "Open Ceremony" for it.

So, I contacted a few people to ask if they're interested to go Malaysia with us. Hehe.

Had like 3 person confirming with me.

End up. Cancelled. BOOOOOOO.

Either way, I ended up going with BBB's daddy anyway. My mum's okay with me going. But, you know. Parents.

They'll always be a worried. My dad was all, "There Not Safe Now".

I went ahead with it. Though, I admit I'm worried about safety myself.

And, idiot BBB's daddy is like fucking piss off. He said it's because I assured him I'll be able to go. But, my dad is against the idea.

To that. I have something I wanna say to YOU (BBB's Daddy). YOU SUCK!

Always angry for nothing. BAH.

So, I've decided. To make my parents less worried. I'll give them a call now and then.

Frankly, it's quite okay. We didn't go anywhere too far away. The shopping centre (City Square) we went to is just in between the Malaysia's custom and the hotel we're staying at.

The hotel is only 5-7 minutes walk from the custom. You can even see the custom from the hotel room. That's how near it is.

We made a wrong decision and took bus when we reached the custom though. When it's like SUPER walkable distance. -_-

Enough talk. Photos!

At the "Bus Stop" waiting for bus to go to Malaysia. Got me thinking that if I can drive it would be good. Or perhaps not. Don't fancy jam much. -_-

Reached the hotel. But couldn't check in yet. So, we went to eat first while waiting for them to ready the room for us.

Their check in time is like 3pm! You have to check out at 12pm, if there's a lot of people. The max they can extend for you is till 2pm. Not even 1 full day. -_-

While we were checking with the staff. A couple came along. The girl was all. "I wanna check in now" kind of pattern.

They were told the only available room was the smoking one. And she goes like. "Huh~ Okay I guess."

All the while trying to act Ang Mo. Talking with a weird accent. Bah.

I was staring at them the whole time. Simply cause the girl went like "Is it Queen size bed?" And the staff smirked and said "It's KING size".

After that I was like. "Oooo, they gonna do you know what". *Laugh Out Loud*

Saw a banner saying there's Dim Sum buffet in the hotel. So, we went to try it out.

BBB's daddy been craving for Dim Sum.

Honestly, after eating. You'll most likely have phobia for Prawn. Most of the dishes consist of prawn.

If you want me to rate. The Dim Sum buffet is only a 4/10. -_-

Sorry. No offence. But, it really gets very sickening at the end.

The nicest dish for the whole buffet. Suppose to be fried bean curd skin with prawn paste or something like that. There's actually 4 pieces. BBB's daddy ate one before I can take picture. -_-

We ordered 1 more plate even though we're quite full.

Actually, I'm sick. Not full. Bah.

Menu write shark's fin dumpling. But, I think it's fake one. Think it's actually Cellophane noodles. Trying to cheat ignorant people like BBB's daddy.

He was like. WAH! So much shark's fin. -_-

I'm like, where got shark's fin so thick one?! You never see real shark's fin before?!

Ordered their dessert, which comes with the buffet. Almond with Longan. I don't normally like. This one is really nice. The almond taste is just right. Not those overwhelming kind.

I took quite a few photos of food. But, I'm lazy to upload all of them.

Frankly. It's not that great that it's worth mentioning in my Blog. -_-

Finally, checked in to the room. We took the cheapest room. Since we'll only be staying 1 day. BBB's daddy booked it online.

The staff initially gave us room 914.

In Chinese is Jiu Yao Si. Means almost dying. -_-

When I saw it, I told BBB's daddy I wanna change room. Not that I'm superstitious or anything.

But, really. Give you choose between other room and that room. Of course take other room right?!

Room 914 is located on the opposite corridor. I think I'll prefer room 909's view.

Honestly, there's really very big difference as compared to the cheapest room of Intercontinental Singapore. You know, the hotel located in Bugis.

But, pricing wise. Also big difference. Duh. -_-

If you're wondering why there's only 1 card key. The other one is inserted into the slot for the lights and stuff. -_-

View from the room. Can see the hotel swimming pool, the Custom and the shopping centre (City Square).

Can see Singapore some more! Nice. Though, frankly. We don't look out of the window much. -_-

Those orange building is HDBs in Singapore! *Grin*

So near yet so far. *Sigh*

The bed. The pillow is too soft. -_-

I think their pillow case shrunk or something. Totally cannot fit the pillow properly. Bah.

At Intercon you can choose the kind of pillow you want. They even have pillow suitable for pregnant lady! But, you have to pay for it. Duh. -_-

I'm like advertising for Intercon. What the fuck?!

The TV cabinet. Not much channels. I was all like, "I want watch channel U!"

Behold, there's no channel U.

So, BBB's daddy actually went and tune it for me!

He himself wanna watch it anyway.

Though, I don't know if it's okay for us to do that.

They had like only 18 channels. Include the extra channel U that we tune ourselves. -_-

I miss Intercon. I can watch CSI marathon on their TV you know! T_T

Rest awhile before going to the shopping centre.

I'm gonna rant a bit here.


While walking there. We bumped into a bugger.

BBB's daddy and I were like walking happily. Following the crowd and all.

I always tell BBB's daddy. When you wanna go somewhere and you don't know the direction. The correct thing to do is to follow the crowd!

It works all the time for me. *Grin*

Anyway, back to topic.

So, we were walking. Suddenly, an old uncle popped out from nowhere.

Think he's like in his 30s-40s or something.

He just stopped us and went rambling on and on in a mix of languages. Something about he did something wrong and went to detention centre or something.

How he's friends were all in jail and his things got taken by some police officer.

Honestly, half the time I have no idea what he's talking about. And, he asked us for money to take some kind of transportation home.

He also asked us to leave our number with him. So that he'll be able to return us the money. Bah.

We just went off though. Cause, BBB's daddy said he's scamming. He totally don't seems like he's desperate or in need of money at all.

I have half a mind to just shove him some money to shut him up though. But, BBB's daddy dragged me off.

I told BBB's daddy we should just pretend we don't know how to speak Chinese. However, BBB's daddy said the guy's also speaking in English. Really broken kind though.

To my horror, I totally didn't realize it. *Brood*

Went walking around City Square. BBB's daddy said it's like Bugis Junction combine with Bugis street.

Piracy is really bad there. They actually have shops selling pirated stuff. From games to VCDs and hand phones and all. -_-

They also allow people to smoke inside the shopping centre. Though, most of the places are actually okay. :)

Most stuff there are not that cheap though.

But, you can find good buys there of course. If you look hard enough, I guess.

BBB's daddy's friend from JB said to go deeper into JB. Where stuff you find at City Square for like 30RM you can find the exact one for perhaps only 15RM.

But, we're not familiar with there. So, we don't dare to wander off too far.


Throughout the whole journey, BBB's daddy was like "I'm So Full". -_-

Even though it like dinner time already.

Until, he saw this...

Shop name call Sizzling Stone or something like that. What attracts BBB's daddy is that. It's all meat!

The stone plate is like damn hot.

When they brought it over. I can literally felt the heat emitting from the stone plate.

If you don't believe me. Go ahead and try putting your finger on it when you go there.

The amount of meat!

We were initially expecting just 1 hot stone plate.

We ordered something like twin-platter. So, we thought it's like we will share the stone plate or something.

And, when the person asked if we want rice. We thought it's only 1 portion. But, end up is 2! What the fuck.

All this just for around 40RM! Not even 20 SGD per person! We even ordered drinks and 1 soup!

You tell me. Where can find in Singapore?! Cannot right?!

BBB's daddy tried to do it himself.

However, I think the staff thinks he cannot make it. So, he said he'll help us.

While he was helping us arrange the meat. I tried taking photos.

And, got splattered by the oil(?).

It really hurts you know. So, I went like "Ow ow ow ow ow". The staff was like laughing at me. :(

But, he said sorry.

Not his fault though.

After he left. I asked BBB's daddy what's so funny about me being splattered by oil.

His reply...

"I don't know. Somehow, this little kind of accident. When it happens on you, it's more funny than usual".


Fruit punch. Very nice. Not those diluted kind. We feel it's very worth the money.

My friend also recommend us to go try. After I came back to Singapore and tweeted I went to JB. *Laugh Out Loud*

Cream of chicken. It tastes okay. Though, apparently there's no chicken meat inside at all. -_-

I know they dislike me. Also don't need like that what. :(

The meat! It smells awesome I tell you.

They have 2 kind. One is marinated, the other is non-marinated. We took the non-marinated one. But, it still smell real good. *Drool*

After eating, we walked around a bit more and bought some Wii accessories before going back to the hotel. Didn't want to stay out too late.

Our rule is to return to hotel before the sky got too dark.

TAREPANDA! I've been trying to find it in Singapore.

Totally cannot find anymore!

We were walking randomly when we spot this shop selling random girly stuff. Soft toys and all.

I spotted a Tarepanda sitting on the shelves. So I went in. Dragging BBB's daddy along the way.

To my amazement. It's BEAN!

I'm a sucker for beanie soft toys. More than half of my soft toys on my bed are beaned. It's really soft and cuddly and they absorb temperature really well!

Whenever I have cramps or stomach ache. And, I need to warm my tummy.

I just place my bean stuff toy on my tummy area and it will warm my tummy up.

If I need it to be cooling. I just leave it out in the open for awhile. And, it will be all cold and huggable! Mad love them.

Though, the down side is they get all weirdly stretched and all after you squashed them too long. My mum tends to throw them away when they get out of shaped. *Sob*

So, I'm like. I want! But, the one they have on the shelves are like all open and a bit dirty. We asked the person for a new one. And, before I knew it. I'm carrying it out of the store.

Original price is like 49RM or something. The girl said they can discount it to like 30+RM for us. So, I just buy without really considering. *Laugh Out Loud*

My mum's gonna kill me.

BUT! It's totally worth it! Simply cause it's Tarepanda and it's beaned.

My haul for day 1. Not a lot if you ask me.

I suck at shopping. *Brood*

I did spot a romper I like though.

But, you can actually find it at Pasar Malam in Singapore for like 10 bucks. They are like selling it for 30RM. -_-

The quality is also Pasar Malam kind. Booo.

I also spot a pair of flats that I really like. I tried it on and BBB's daddy said it nice.

Only thing is. The sole is completely flat. No groove at all. Means it'll be really slippery when it rains. -_-

WHO on earth will design a shoe without groove on the sole?!! DAMN YOU!

BBB's daddy's haul for day 1.

He said his main intention for the trip is the Wii accessories.

His friends told him they bought their Wii accessories in Malaysia. Where it's supposedly cheaper.

Guess how much the zapper and the wheel cost?

45RM! Only around 22(?)SGD!

20RM for the wheel and 25RM for the zapper. The wheel cost less than 10SGD!

Just the wheel alone cost more than 22 bucks in Singapore. It's a great buy actually. Though, the packaging is out to cheat people. The wheel is a fake Wii wheel. But, it still works of course.

We compared it to the real Wii wheel we have. There's actually not much difference. Just that, it doesn't have the word "Wii" printed on it.

Anyway, we only bought 1 Tarepanda. I just place it with the Wii accessories for fun. BBB's daddy's been hugging it more than me.

Though it's obviously my soft toy. -_- BAH.

Bought supper. BBB's daddy wanted to go to this coffee shop nearby. But, his friend living in JB said that the coffee shop is full of Malays. So, they might be a bit racist and all.

I'm all against the idea of going. You won't like people staring at you I'm sure. But, stupid BBB's daddy kept saying he want food and wanted to go there see see.

The room service is super expensive. 3 chicken wing for like 30+RM. Eat gold. -_- Sheesh.

In the end. I suggested KFC. Which is just right beside our hotel. He said I'm evil. For he had given up hope on supper. But, I have to mention KFC.

Simply due to the fact he's irritable when he's hungry. *Brood*

Frankly, all hotels are not suppose to bring outside food into the room. I think.

But, we managed to find a way to smuggle it in. Unless, you are possess by the god of unluckiness and bump into a hotel staff on the way back. Otherwise, it should be okay. *Grin*

Cheese wedges! This baby is godly awesome. It's 1 million times nicer than the cheese fries Singapore's KFC offers. Like, seriously. I would kill to have 1 right now.

Or maybe not. I'm having sore throat right now. Even if I have 1, I also can't eat. :(

The serving is stingy small though. BOOOO.

Frankly, I felt that the standard of KFC is not as good as last time. -_-

Breakfast buffet the next day. The food is so so. Quite a lot of people went for it.

Told BBB's daddy we should not let it go to waste. As we're paying for it.

Plus, we saw a lot of people eating there. So, I guess the food should be quite okay.

The mee goreng is quite nice. We had 2 plate of it. Small portion only of course. *Grin*

What's the best way to start off a day?

Cereals of course!

Many people just drink the milk only though.

BBB's daddy spotted this. Half boiled egg!

When he came back with this. I'm like. HUH?! Where's this?! How come I didn't see it?!

He said there's like a whole basket of this at the counter where we can get the chef to cook omelette for us.

I'm like. "You cracked it yourself?!"

BBB's daddy actually goes "What you thinking of you crazy woman?"

He said there's an evil glint in my eyes. As if I'm thinking of going to go crack a whole bunch of it. -_-

What the fuck?! I'm crazy but not that crazy can? Sheesh.

After breakfast, we went to check with the staff at the counter if we can extend the checkout time.

The guy told us he can extend it to 2pm for us if we like. Nice~

So, we rest awhile and took our time showering before checking out.

Went back to City Square to walk walk and have lunch.

Lunch at Wong Kok. We were debating where to have lunch. BBB's daddy said he's interested in a Japanese restaurant and this.

We ended up playing "scissors, paper, stone" in the middle of the shopping centre. I won and we went to Wong Kok instead.

Frankly, there are a lot of people eating there.

My favorite number. Okay, correction. One of my favorite numbers. Actually, any number with 7 in it is my favourite number. Except 47. I absolutely detest the number 4. -_-

The orange color "pearl" thingy is really cool. It pops in your mouth when you bite on it. Taste like orange.

Our bill.

Fried chicken wanton(?). Quite nice.

My lunch. Chicken ham and cheese toast. Pathetic right?

Actually, it's quite nice. Would prefer it with more cheese though.

BBB's daddy's lunch. Ramen with pork cutlet. Something like that.

This was supposed to be mine. BBB's daddy ordered some char siew ramen or something. But, the waiter told him there's no more char siew. After like 10 minutes of waiting. -_-

So, he asked me to see if there's anything else I want. And he'll take my ramen instead. Thus, I ended up taking the toast.

Oh, I just remembered. You know how staff have this name tag. Their name tag don't actually write the staff name on it. It just says "Waiter 1" or "Waiter 2" and so on.

Like so... What the fuck?! -_-

Anyway, they have this special treat for people who's having birthday.

If it's your birthday. You just show the staff your I/C. They'll give you a JUMBO size ice milk tea FREE!

It's extremely jumbo for your info.

How I know? Cause there's a couple beside us who "ordered" it. It happened to be the girl's birthday.

BBB's daddy were like asking me to ask the couple if we can take a picture. But, I didn't do it. I shy can?!

If got rejected like so argh. Sheesh.

I told BBB's daddy that we ought to go back on his birthday. *Laugh Out Loud*

After lunch. We went to walk around a bit to digest.

And, I bought this..

Padini! Some of their items are really nice.

BBB's daddy bought 2 pair of pants there. They are like having some sales going on.

The flats that's been on my mind for damn long. I went ahead and bought it.

Though I doubt I'll be wearing it out often. Especially on rainy days.

I'm ashamed to admit. I'm an impulsive buyer. *Sob*

The pants were going like 2 for 99RM if I remember correctly. Approximately, 43SGD(?). The quality is really good though. Very soft and all. Even BBB's daddy said it's nice.

They have female and male kind. So, you can have couple pants if you like? Haha.

After that, it's time to return to Singapore.

Nothing like home.


Phew, this is like super long and tiring post.

I'm gonna be a good girl and go sweep the floor. Even though I'm sick. Boohooo.

Why is it whenever I'm about to go buy dinner it always rain?! -_-

Someone up there hates me. :(

BeaR BeaR^ Was Here____` @* Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Friday, March 25, 2011

Alright, I know it's been damn long since I last posted a new post. It's like what. November? But, whatever.

I've finally got back my motivation to blog! Yay!

Frankly, I've been thinking of blogging for quite sometime. Just too lazy and didn't bother to log into blogger. Bah.

That's totally not what I wanna blog about anyway. No photos for this post, as I didn't bring my camera along.

So, the other day. I went to meet with my long lost friend. Okay. Not long lost friend. It's just that whenever she asked me out. I either can't be bothered or I'm really busy. I know, I know. I'm not a good friend. Criticize me all you want.

As if you guys don't feel like that too. There's bound to be times you don't want to entertain someone. And, frankly. I'm not THAT close to her.

So, since she asked me out for like so many times. I decided to just go out with her. She said she wanted to meet up for early dinner as she got to go to school. So, I'm like okay.

Problem is. We only manage to meet for like less than 3 hours. And, she asked to meet me at Vivo. When I told BBB's daddy about it. He's like What the fuck? You go all the way to the other end just to meet for less than 3 hours?!

Thus, he suggest to meet up with me after that. So, I'm like okay. Why not. At least I won't be going all the way there just to eat and come back home all alone. Like so no life. No?

I didn't bother to dress nicely. Cause, she definitely won't be dressing nicely. So, we went to walk a bit. Talked about super superficial stuff. Like "How's life?", "What have you been doing?". Those kind of stuff.

Went to Marché for dinner. Honestly, there's really not much stuff to choose there I think. But, the food's not bad. I guess.

They had the cashless system. Where everyone is given a Marché card. You ordered the food and hand the card over to the staff. They will record the purchase in it and when you leave, you just pay for everything at the cashier near the exit.

The staff there's like really nice I guess. I definitely won't mind going back there again. Though, the food there is NOT cheap.

Dar! We should totally go together some times. (Random)

I had beef bolognese. As I really had no idea what I want to eat.

They were famous for their rösti though. Both my friend and BBB's daddy ordered that. Including the other 2381264712639 number of customers.-_-

So, anyway. Back to me. This is not a food blog after all.

I was like ordering drinks. Standing there and everything. Then this staff from the seafood "department" came to the drink "department" and was like checking out what's wrong.

He told the guy who's a newbie (I think) to tell me the system broke down and asked me to come back later. But he's like lost and don't know how to tell me. So, the guy said just quote what he say. Here's what he said.

"Just tell her: Mei nu (Pretty girl) please come back later."

And, the guy actually blushed and nudged his colleague. What the fuck?! Funny max. I heard it cause he didn't bother to lower his volume. And he actually smile at me and called me "Mei Nu".

*Laugh Out Loud*

Maybe he's being sarcastic.

So, anyway. This supervisor came over and told me to just take my drink and come back later for them to key the items into the Marché card.

And, I sit right in front of the drink "department". So, it's really not that troublesome.

BBB's daddy came while we're halfway done with our food.

Waited for him to go order his food before going to order dessert. Had ice-cream. The guy at the dessert booth gave me 2 BIG scoops. Like it's seriously overflowing. Thanks man.

Ordered the wrong flavor though. Tried the Yogurt and Rum & Raisins. BBB's daddy said he likes the Rum & Raisins though.

Sent my friend to the MRT station before returning back to Marché. Cause BBB's daddy was like still eating.

I saw a really cute staff there!

I was there like debating whether or not I want another drink. When he pops out.

I'm not sure if he's suppose to do that. But he asked me what drink I want. Perhaps cause he heard me saying I wanted a drink.

So, I told him I wanted 100 Plus. And, he actually went to order for me! What the fuck maximum?!

After that he returned with my Marché card and the drink. And, he went off to clear the tables.

I was like telling BBB's daddy I think he's very cute and good looking and all. When I went like.

"What's his real job scope huh?", "Is he suppose to ask people what they wanna drink?" and "Is this like normal coffee shop?!".

BBB's daddy just shrugged and say "Perhaps he thinks you very cute and pretty. So, special service you know."

I'm like WHAT THE FUCK?! Are you serious?

Cause, by the time it's like full of customers already. But, he's like just walking around and clearing tables. Not asking anyone if they want a drink. So, I'm honestly quite puzzled by this. -_-

Anyway, after all full and stuffed to the brim with good food. We went to walk around Vivo for a bit. The usual spot like pet shop and stuff. Saw a puppy that's damn cute. But freaking expensive can? 2180 bucks. I saw one equally cute last time for 380 bucks only.

Took bus back to my place as we can't be bothered to squeeze onto the train.

Tada. *Clap Clap*

I'm honestly thinking of posting my own photos up. Since I doubt anyone bother to come to my blog now. Ahahahaha.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Short short post this shall be. With pictures of course. *Grin*

I'm sick. By the way. No thanks to BBB's daddy. Who always love to eat heaty stuff and me having to follow suit. I ended up having sore throat and flu. Although I'm almost recovering. I started coughing like crap. Booo.

Went out with Dar to Orchard that day to shop for present for BBB's daddy. Not forgetting shopping for ourselves. Went to ION to eat my Takoyaki. MUST EAT! If you go there. If you didn't even eat it once. You will regret for live!

Who cares if it's a little bit expensive. It's totally worth it!

Went walking around ION. Found a few items that I don't mind buying for BBB's daddy. But still considering. Went walking and finally. Found it at Espirit. But, the shopkeeper said they don't have a new one.

She offer to check for me if other nearby outlet have any new stock of it. Told me there's one near Wheelock Place at Liat towers. We don't really have any idea where is Liat towers. So, we just walk randomly to Wheelock place.


Tada! A wallet!

BBB's daddy said he wanted a new wallet. So, we went around finding one that fits him. Cause he said he wanted one with a transparent folder(?) and coin pouch.

I saw 1 I really like at Prada by the way. It's scratch resistant some more. So, I'm kind of considering.

But, most wallet nowadays. Especially branded one. Don't have coin pouch or the transparent folder. So, when I saw the Espirit one. I decided to buy it.

BBB's daddy said he's really happy with it. But, I think he's trying to bluff me. Booo. -_- It's kind of fat and bulky as compared to his old one.

I did think of wallet at first. But, his wallet is still okay. Not even spoiling yet. So, I'm considering DSLR for him. And also iPad. Cause he kept jokingly said he wanted one. -_-

And when I finally asked him if he really wanted iPad. He said no. -_-

After finally settling BBB's daddy's birthday present. Went walking around Far East. I went to do my nails! *GRIN*

See. My toe nails is so happy they are all different colours! Haha. I told the lady to randomly paint them.


I've got matchy fingernails! *Grin*

Though my finger's yellow is different shade from my toes. But, whatever. Was trying out the yellow to see which one fits. I think I won't paint yellow next time. Maybe should try orange instead.

But, I'm happy. My nails is CHIO!


Anyway, I lied to BBB's daddy said I didn't get him any present. Cause it's not his birthday yet.

I'm just using what he did to me the other time.

Supposedly, he didn't buy me anything for our anniversary. But, one night. When we were in the room playing DS. He kept scolding me stupid. -_-

It's only after I accidentally dropped my pillow that I realise he hid a present underneath my pillow.

He said I've been lying on top of it yet I didn't even realise. Honestly, I was only leaning against them.

Guess what's inside?

A necklace. *Grin*

Though I have no intention of changing my current necklace yet. But still, THANK YOU! Hehe.


Went to Marina Square to celebrate BBB's daddy's birthday. Cause he said he wanted to eat steamboat and barbecue.

So, we went to eat at Yuki & Yaki. The steamboat and teppanyaki buffet. And they let you DIY your own ice cream.

Didn't take any photos of the food.

Anyway, during the whole process of eating. I notice my cup of ice peach tea kept dripping water. To my horror. The cup is cracked. Not by me of course. I didn't even touch it.

So, we called the staff there and told them the cup is like cracked. -_-

One of the male staff. I think he's around 17 or something. Came and wipe the table. Cause I was like taking tissues and trying to wipe up the mess. But, I just let him do the job anyway.

After that, I said thank you to him. Out of courtesy. And, he stumble and hit the table behind him. -_-

What?! Am I so scary? Boooo.

After eating. Till almost full. It's ice cream time!

The thing is cold. Quite special actually.

Step by step of how to DIY your own ice cream tutorial. *Laugh Out Loud*

First, you pour in whatever flavor of the ice cream you want.

Spread them out evenly. And wait for it to solidify.

After that. You can mold it into any shape you fancy. -_-

The above is done by BBB's daddy. Who claim he had done this before and the outcome turns out quite ugly.

I on the other hand had not went there before. Did a better job than him. -_- Sad to say for him.

Obviously, after awhile. The cold "teppanyaki" plate thing gets a bit dirty with all the different flavor ice cream on it.

Who knows guy can be so childish too. -_-

BBB's daddy did that. I swear. He even tried to write my name with ice cream. But, failed of course. And, he's like damn sad about it. -_-

The pink colour ice cream is raspberry flavor. It taste like the many flavored pink mentos.

After eating we went for movie.

Megamind! It's quite okay. Not something you must die die watch in cinema to get the feel. Though, both me and BBB's daddy got to admit. The sound system they set is really cool.

There's a part where one character is like talking on stage and someone shouted from below the stage. Something like "I love you!" and, it actually sounds like someone in cinema said that!

But, obviously it's not.

Overall, 3.7 out of 5 for the movie. And, most of the time. People are laughing. When I don't really find it very funny. Bah. -_-


My parents bought a new TV! Finally. TV is really cheap nowadays anyway. On Sunday my mum came into my room to tell us that my dad wanted to go buy new TV somewhere. So, we have to settle brunch ourselves.

And, after awhile. They came back. With a BANG some more. My niece supposedly push the box with the TV inside. -_-

So, BBB's daddy. As always, being "very" caring. Ran out to check what's wrong. He told me he thought my parents bought a fan or something. Cause the size of the box.

Than, he realise it's a TV. I went out to see as I'm a very curious person. *Laugh Out Loud*

And, God. Am I shocked.

32 inch some more. Guess how much?!

It's only 399! What the fuck maximum?!

I heard the price in the room and thought it would be like 20+ inch kind of small TV. But, so big! For so cheap! Really what the fuck right?!

And yes, it's showing Harry Potter.

BBB's daddy fixed the TV for us. He even had a go on my Wii to try out the difference in effect from the old TV. -_-

Anyway, I know you guys miss Pico.

Stuck. And moon-ing his ass! Hahahahahahaha.

I threw away his house and bought a new wooden house for him. Well, BBB's daddy bought a new one for him. He said I always say he don't love Pico no more. So, he decided to buy a new house give him. -_-

I really love this photo of him. I had it as Pico's photo album's cover in Facebook. Hehe.


I love my Pico. Even though he bit me. I still love him. He's evil! Why is he so cute?! Sheesh.

Okay. Enough rambling.


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